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Ryada is the life-long learning incubator at the American University in the Emirates whose mission is to transform individuals and organizations via cutting-edge training programs delivered by world-class experts and thought leaders. At the core of Ryada is the commitment to leading change and building the future.

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The American University in the Emirates’ (AUE) motto is that “Nothing is Impossible”. Through this empowering phrase, AUE continuously nurtures its students to tackle their studies as they would tackle the working world; by following a perfectly constructed pathway to success. Since establishing itself in 2006 with accreditation from the Ministry of Education, AUE has flourished, with an ever-increasing number of students from over 25 different countries. Broadly following the American model for tertiary education, AUE boasts seven distinct colleges that cater to the current and future needs of the global labor market. Students are able to choose from various specializations, many of which are completely unique to the GCC region and the Middle East as a whole. This learning environment encourages them to build confidence in their work and strengthen their learning capabilities with a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees taught by a plethora of educators, holding PhDs from all over the world and renowned for their own academic achievements. 

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