Mastering ESG: Integrating Sustainability for Business Excellence

4th – 5th March

Course Content

Day 1: Understanding ESG Fundamentals

● Overview of ESG and its importance in the business world.

● Historical context and evolution of ESG.

● Key drivers for ESG adoption.

● ESG and the environment: Why environmental factors matter.

● Climate change and carbon footprint measurement.

● Sustainable resource management and biodiversity.

● Case studies of companies excelling in environmental sustainability.

● The social dimension of ESG: Social responsibility and ethical considerations.

● Employee well-being, diversity, and inclusion.

● Stakeholder engagement and community impact.

● Case studies of companies demonstrating strong social performance.

● The role of governance in ESG.

● Corporate governance principles and best practices.

● Board composition and leadership.

● Case studies of effective governance structures.

Day 2: Implementing and Reporting ESG

● Strategies for integrating ESG into corporate decision-making.

● Embedding ESG into the corporate culture.

● Identifying material ESG risks and opportunities.

● ESG data sources and research tools.

● Regulatory frameworks and standards for ESG reporting (e.g., GRI, SASB, TCFD).

● Developing an ESG reporting framework.

● Communication strategies for ESG disclosures.

● Hands-on exercise: Creating an ESG report.

● Key ESG performance indicators and metrics.

● Setting ESG targets and benchmarks.

● Evaluating ESG performance through scorecards and ratings.

● Continuous improvement strategies.

● How ESG factors influence investment decisions.

● ESG in portfolio management and investment analysis.

● Case studies of investors integrating ESG into their strategies.

● Developing an ESG action plan for your organization.

● Identifying resources and building internal capacity.

● Monitoring and reporting progress.

● Open Q&A and closing remarks.


Faisal Sajwani is a distinguished Emirati businessman, board member, and strategic advisor who is renowned for driving organizations to new heights and creating sustainable growth. He has the experience of undertaking projects and transforming them into successful businesses.

Sajwani carries experience in a variety of fields including Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Technology, Human Resources, and Sustainability. He currently holds the position of Managing Partner at MS Consulting; a leading management and sustainability consulting firm that offers innovative solutions that integrate sustainability and ESG into every industry and sector. In addition to that, Sajwani is an advisor to various companies worldwide. He served as a mentor at Dubai Business Women Council and is currently a member of the advisory board at the Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum. 

Moreover, Sajwani is involved in numerous community engagement activities such as mental health awareness through conducting workshops and speaking at renowned universities. He is also part of sustainability initiatives such as Sustainability Action Society, which aims to tackle major climate change issues along with promoting actionable measures towards sustainability. 

Last but not least, Faisal Sajwani has been interviewed and featured on reputable media outlets such as Entrepreneur Middle East, Forbes Middle East, Sama Dubai TV, Emirates News Agency (WAM), and many more. He is also the author of the renowned articles “The Power of the Mind: The Key to Success” and “The Concept Of Success”.

● Presentation slides for each session.
● Case studies and examples.
● ESG reporting templates and frameworks.
● Hands-on exercises and group activities.
● Reading materials and resources for further learning. 

Workshop Materials

● Participants will receive access to ESG resources, templates, and tools for ongoing support.

Post-Workshop Support

The workshop will include interactive discussions, group activities, and opportunities for participants to apply ESG concepts to real-world scenarios. The content and exercises are tailored to the specific needs and interests of the participants and the industry they are in. Additionally, Guest speakers will be invited to share their ESG expertise and provide insights and real-world perspectives.