Train The Trainer: Crucial Competencies

Join this exciting programme that will assist you in delivering dynamic training sessions that engage participants.

You will be able to respond to participants’ needs more effectively and achieve measurable learning outcomes.

The programme will assist you and other facilitators in planning, delivering, and reviewing interactive, engaging training sessions that meet the needs of your target audiences, thereby closing skill gaps and improving performance.

About Course

Why Choose this Training Course?

This program will help to build on the existing knowledge of Power BI and will enhance the data visualization and analysis skills.


· basic understanding of Power BI, including data importing, basic data modelling, and report creation

· familiarity with data analysis concepts and knowledge of data sources

The learning outcomes

Participants will be able to competently lead effective training sessions that address participant needs and provide desired results.

Successful completion of the course and subsequent motivation to continue studying will result in elevated participant performance.

Improved productivity, performance, employee engagement, and brand image are just few of the outcomes that can accrue to your business from results-driven training.

Training Program Objectives

· To assist participants in devising and delivering programmes for adult audiences as a Trainer.

· To conduct training sessions that are well-structured, concise, and capable of capturing and retaining participants’ interest and collaboration.

· To deliver interactive training sessions in appropriate learning environments that engage and facilitate learning for participants.

· To assist potential trainers in ensuring learning outcomes for enhanced individual and organisational performance.

· To provide information on various training and facilitation techniques, as well as technical training sessions with appropriate evaluation and feedback.

Course Content

Creating connections

Training necessities

The characteristics of a good workshop

What a trainer requires

Assessing your training abilities

Structure of the workshop

Types of Training workshop structures.

Starting a workshop

Workshop completion

Delivery that is interactive

Methods and techniques for interactive learning

Activities for debriefing

Time leadership

Participant-led content

The advantages of participant-led content

Asking questions

Managing Conversations

Giving guidance

Instructions for sequencing

Performing activities

Making instructions understandable

Providing feedback

The goal of feedback

Giving constructive criticism

Including the individual managing diversity

Bringing all learners voice

Managing People

Recognising behavioural patterns

Grouping and re-grouping

When individuals disagree

Mini-clinic for training purposes

Providing excellent training

Assessing your performance

Goal setting and action planning