MS Excel Excellence for Consulting Success: Mastering Data Analysis and Decision Support

Participants gain advanced skills in leveraging Excel's features to provide strategic insights, enhancing their consulting capabilities and driving effective decision-making for clients.


Why Choose This Training Course?

This course focuses on equipping professionals with the specialized MS Excel skills they need in their consulting roles. 

This program will help existing Excel users, technical specialists, and aspiring management consultants to understand complex data analysis, financial modelling, and decision support.

Course Content

Day 1

1. Introduction to consultative roles using MS Excel – overview, requirements.

2. Advanced Functions & Formulas – logical, conditional, lookup, reference, financial, statistical functions, text functions for data cleaning

Day 2

1. Pivot table & Charts

2. Data validation and assurance

3. Advanced data sorting and filtering

4. Scenario analysis and goal-seeking

5. Advanced charting techniques

6. Data visualization best practices

Day 3

1. Power query and data modelling

2. Power pivot and DAX formulas

3. Advanced scenario analysis and decision support

Day 4

1. External data connections

2. Data consolidation and transformation

3. Automation & replication with Macros & VBA

4. Project based learning

Course Delivery

Face-to-face training including real-world case studies with hands on exercises to practice for immediate feedback and support.

Group discussions are encouraged to share, collaborate, and discuss approaches to solve exercises and learn from one another

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