Cultivating Power BI Mastery – Advanced Analytics and Insights

From predictive modeling to complex analytics, this course elevates proficiency, enabling mastery in leveraging data for strategic decision-making

About Course

Why Choose this Training Course?

This program will help to build on the existing knowledge of Power BI and will enhance the data visualization and analysis skills.


· basic understanding of Power BI, including data importing, basic data modelling, and report creation

· familiarity with data analysis concepts and knowledge of data sources

The learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

· Create and manage advanced data models, complex relationships, and data structures

· Perform intricate data transformations using Power Query Editor

· Creating custom and interactive visuals, utilizing advanced formatting options for impactful reports and dashboards

· Implement security including dynamic security based on user roles

· Explore predictive analytics, key influencers analysis, and what-of scenarios

The target audience

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals, including, but not limited to:

· Data Analysts

· Business Analysts

· Business Intelligence Professionals

· Managers and decision makers

· Consultants and freelancers

Course delivery

This training covers 6 hours of contact time per day. It involves a significant amount of hand-on practice and project work, so there will be extensive application of the learning material.

This ensures the participants gain a strong understanding of the advanced topics covered in the program in order for them to implement in the workplace.

Course Content

· Advanced functions in Power BI (many-to-many, bi-directional)

· DAX functions for complex calculations

· Power query editor

· Creating custom functions in M-query

· Combining and merging queries for complex data transformations

· Time intelligence functions

· Aggregating and filtering options

· Advanced DAX optimization techniques

· Custom visualizations

· Advanced formatting options for interactive visualization

· Secure connection for on-premises data

· Dataflows for data preparation and use

· DirectQuery and Live Connection

· Real-time dashboards

· Configuring row-level security

· Optimizing DAX calculations and queries

· Improving report performance

· Best practices for handling large datasets

· Predictive analytics in Power BI

· What-if scenario & key influencer analysis

· Improving report performance

· Best practices for handling large datasets