Business English Speaking Skills

Enhance your professional communication with our ‘Business English Speaking Skills’ course. Elevate your language proficiency and excel in the corporate world.


Course Objectives

This Business English Speaking course is designed to help participants improve their spoken communication skills in professional settings. The course focuses on developing fluency, confidence, and clarity in spoken English, with a specific emphasis on business contexts. Participants will engage in interactive activities, role-plays, and practical exercises to enhance their ability to communicate effectively in various business situations.

Learning Outcomes


Speak confidently and fluently in English in a variety of business contexts.


Use appropriate business vocabulary and expressions.


Communicate effectively in meetings, presentations, and negotiations.


Enhance cross-cultural communication skills in a global business environment.


Handle common business communication challenges with ease.


Improve listening and comprehension skills in professional conversations.

Objective 1: Build Strong Foundations

Participants will engage in icebreaker activities to get to know each other. They will assess their current English-speaking skills through a guided self-assessment questionnaire.

Participants will set personal speaking goals and share them with the group for peer encouragement and support.

Objective 2: Master Business Vocabulary

Participants will actively participate in vocabulary-building exercises, such as word associations and word formation games.

They will work in pairs or small groups to create and present new business-related words. The session will include pronunciation practice and interactive discussions on word usage in real business scenarios.

Objective 3: Navigate Professional Meetings

Participants will immerse themselves in a simulated meeting environment where they’ll take on various roles, including meeting chair, presenter, and active participant.

They will engage in live role-play scenarios, addressing common challenges like interruptions and disagreements. Feedback sessions will follow each role-play, promoting peer learning and continuous improvement.

Objective 4: Shine in Business Presentations

Participants will develop and deliver their own business presentations. They will receive constructive feedback from both peers and the instructor.

The emphasis will be on improving presentation skills, including content structure, body language, and audience engagement.

Objective 5: Thrive in Negotiations

Participants will work in pairs to engage in negotiation role-plays, simulating real-world business negotiations. They will strategize and practice negotiation techniques while navigating challenging scenarios.

After each negotiation, participants will debrief and analyze their approaches.

Objective 6: Excel in Cross-Cultural Communication

Participants will be immersed in cross-cultural communication scenarios. They will work together in groups to understand and adapt to cultural differences through real-life situations.

Group discussions and role-plays will help them explore and apply effective cross-cultural communication strategies.

Objective 7: Handle Workplace Challenges

Participants will engage in interactive role-plays, dealing with challenging colleagues or clients. They will brainstorm and propose solutions to address workplace conflicts and challenges.

The session will encourage open dialogue and sharing of best practices.

Objective 8: Master Listening Skills

Participants will actively listen to authentic business conversations and recordings.

They will work individually and in groups to answer comprehension questions based on the audio content.

Discussions and analysis of challenging parts will help enhance listening and comprehension skills.

Objective 9: Apply Learning and Goal Setting

Participants will immerse themselves in real-life business scenarios, applying their skills in practical situations. They will receive peer and instructor feedback on their performance.

Participants will set SMART goals for continuous self-improvement, supported by shared experiences and lessons learned

Objective 10: Course Conclusion and Resources

Participants will reflect on their progress and key takeaways from the course.

Certificates will be awarded to celebrate their achievements. 


Activity: Self-Study Resource Sharing and Action Plans

Recommended self-study resources will be shared, and participants will discuss their personal action plans for ongoing learning and improvement.  


This course offers hands-on and interactive activities to ensure participants not only gain knowledge but also apply it in practical, real-world scenarios, fostering skill development and confident business communication. The course can be adapted based on the specific needs and proficiency levels of the participants. Additional time may be allocated to certain sessions as needed to achieve the course objectives effectively.