Associate Python Programmer


The course is intended for individuals with a basic knowledge of Python. The program covers the following topics: modules, packages, PIP, character encoding, strings and string processing, generators, iterators, closures, files, file streams and file processing, exception hierarchies, and much more.  


3 PM – 5 PM*




2 hours a day, 6 days a week *

Training Fees

AED 2,047.50


Location: American University in the Emirates

Learning Mode: Classroom *

* Final schedule and mode of offering subject to change.


  • Direct cash and credit card payments at the Financial Affairs Department of American University in the Emirates
  • Pre-requisite:Knowledge of Basics of Python.
  • For more information about the course, contact:

           E: T: +971 50 5203807  OR  E: T: +971 42 4421042

Course Description

  • Importing and usage modules and packages
  • Performing evaluations using the math module
  • Generating random values using the random module
  • Discovering host platform properties using the platform module
  • Creating and using user-defined modules and packages
  • Handle errors using Python-defined exceptions
  • Extending the Python exceptions hierarchy with self-defined exceptions
  • Machine representation of characters
  • Operating on strings
  • Employing built-in string methods
  • Understanding the Object-Oriented approach
  • Employing class and object properties,
  • Equiping a class with methods
  • Discover the class structure
  • Building a class hierarchy using inheritance
  • Constructing and initializing objects
  • Building complex lists using list comprehension,
  • Embedding lambda functions into the code
  • Defining and using closures
  • Understanding basic Input/Output terminology
  • Performing Input/Output operations


Dr. Muravyov Sergey Borisovich

Associate Professor of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming, ITMO University, St. Petersburg. Russia & Associate Professor of the School of Biological and Medical Physics. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University). Moscow, Russia.

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