Artificial intelligence for leaders


This course is designed for individuals who would love to lead projects involving machine learning or data science. The program does not go deep into math or programming. Instead, it covers a wide range of topics that will help you to navigate the machine learning development process; its shape, flow and critical operational details.


3 PM – 5 PM*




2 hours a day, 6 days a week *

Training Fees

AED 4,147.50


Location: American University in the Emirates

Learning Mode: Classroom *

* Final schedule and mode of offering subject to change.


  • Direct cash and credit card payments at the Financial Affairs Department of American University in the Emirates
  • Pre-requisite: None
  • For more information about the course, contact: 

            E: T: +971 50 5203807  OR  E: T: +971 42 4421042

Course Description

  • General concepts of machine learning
  • The task of learning with a teacher
  • Practical examples of machine learning problems


  • AI solution development process
  • Working with AI solutions
  • Specifics of AI development in the industry
  • Fundamentals of the Python programming language
  • Core Python Data and Visualization Libraries
  • Types of data representation and work with them
  • Bulk storage systems
  • Big data processing systems
  • Data quality issues
  • Data preprocessing tools
  • Data platforms
  • Architecture and principles of operation of industrial solutions created on the basis of AI
  • Working with DS and BigData tools and technologies in industry
  • AI in industrial applications
  • Introduction to probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Methods and models of machine learning
  • Techniques for working with data and machine learning models
  • Core deep learning techniques
  • Solving additional problems related to deep learning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Optimization methods
  • Methods for finding new production modes


Prof. Andrey (Alexandrovich) Filchenkov

Head of Machine Learning Lab.

Faculty of Informational Technologies and Programming, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia

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